3 look ideas to brave the cold in style

3 look ideas to brave the cold in style

Winter is here, bringing its share of cold weather. If protecting yourself from the cold is essential, why not do it elegantly? Discover three trendy looks to face winter without compromising your style. Curious about our suggestions? Follow the leader !

The magic of layering

In winter, the secret to facing the cold often lies in the art of layering clothes. However, it's not just about putting one sweater on top of another, but about skillfully combining textures, patterns and colors to create a stylish and warm outfit.

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The advantage of this method is that it allows the outfit to be adjusted according to temperature variations. If a piece is too hot, simply remove it to accommodate. For example, start with a flannel or cotton shirt. Then add a fine cashmere or merino wool sweater.

These materials are not only soft and warm, but they also offer a wide variety of colors and patterns. To finish, a storm jacket or a winter coat completes the ensemble. A thick wool coat or lined parka will be ideal for those really cold days. However, if the cold is more moderate, a lined denim jacket or a thick blazer will do the trick.

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The elegance of monochrome

There's something deeply chic about a monochrome outfit. And in winter, it's also a great way to stay warm. For what ? Because similar shades give a sense of unity, thereby bringing out sophistication. In addition, adopting a unique color palette simplifies the choice of pieces.

Think for example of an outfit all in gray. Heather gray pants, a light gray sweater and a deep gray scarf may seem simple in theory, but in reality they create a stylish and timeless look. Likewise, a palette of earthy colors, such as brown, beige or camel, gives a natural and warm touch to the outfit.

To add a touch of contrast, a brightly colored accessory, such as a hat or gloves, can be added. This little detail can transform a simple outfit into a real style statement.

Accessories, allies of warmth and style

Accessories play a fundamental role in adding the finishing touch to an outfit, especially in winter. They can, on the one hand, reinforce the style of an outfit and, on the other hand, provide additional protection against the cold. While avoiding overloading, choosing the right accessories can greatly improve comfort and aesthetics.

For example, a wool or cashmere hat is not only an ally against the cold, but it can also become a central element of the look. Scarves, on the other hand, can be used to add a pop of color or pattern to a more neutral outfit. A careful choice of patterns and colors can enhance the look without going overboard.

Gloves, in leather or wool, protect the hands while adding a refined touch. And what about winter boots? They are essential for keeping your feet warm. A pair of well-kept leather boots or lined ankle boots can add a stylish dimension to any outfit.

Finally, let's not forget thick socks, which can be both a functional and aesthetic element if they extend slightly beyond the boots.

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