Balancing comfort and style when working from home: tips for adopting a trendy look

Balancing comfort and style when working from home: tips for adopting a trendy look

The global pandemic has disrupted our habits and forced teleworking on a large number of individuals. The line between professional and personal life has blurred, leading everyone to rethink their daily appearance. Comfort and style have become essential criteria for remaining comfortable while maintaining a professional image. So, fans of teleworking are looking for tips to adopt a trendy look that combines these two aspects. Dressing for success, even at home, is one way to improve your self-confidence and overall well-being.

Teleworking: opt for comfortable clothing

THE comfortable clothes to favor for teleworking are numerous. Pajamas and casual outfits are popular, but you shouldn't fall into the trap of total slackness. Indeed, ifdress carefully allows you to stay motivated while feeling good about yourself.

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The choice of materials is essential to guarantee optimal comfort. Soft fabrics like cotton or viscose are ideal for days spent sitting in front of the computer screen. Denim and stiff fibers should be avoided as they can limit freedom of movement.

The fit of clothing should also be taken into consideration when choosing an outfit suitable for working from home. Flowy pants are recommended because they promote blood circulation and minimize back pain caused by improper posture for several hours at a time.

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You must opt ​​for neutral colors which reflect our professionalism without being too formal in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere at home.

fashion teleworkingfashion teleworking

Teleworking: fashion within everyone’s reach

You should choose clothes that highlight your figure and your personality. THE oversized clothing, like loosely cut sweaters and shirts, are very trendy this season. They also allow camouflage certain parts of the body that we don't like to show.

THE sleeveless jackets are also very appreciated because they add extra layer of style without compromising the comfort sought when working from home.

You must obviously adapt your clothing choice to the tasks you have to carry out during the day: if you plan to move a lot, you should not opt ​​for shoes that are too difficult to wear or too closed at the risk of causing pain and discomfort. bulbs.

It is essential to feel good in your clothes to be efficient in your work.

Teleworking: don’t forget the accessories

THE accessories are also important to complete your teleworking look. They can add a touch of originality and personality to your outfits, while remaining comfortable. However, you must know how to choose them carefully.

THE discreet jewelry like simple earrings or a thin necklace can add a sophisticated touch to your outfit without being too imposing. If you want to opt for rings, choose them thin and light so as not to interfere with your work on the keyboard.

As regards the scarves and scarvesbet on soft materials and comfortable to wear such as silk or light cotton. You can also dare to use color by choosing an original printed model that gives character to your style.

Don't forget the essential bag! Practical for storing all your essentials (laptop, notebook, etc.), it can be chic while still being practical. Opt for a spacious but compact model so that it is not too bulky when traveling.

Adopt a trendy look teleworking should not be at the expense of comfort.

Teleworking: take inspiration from fashion trends

For a day of teleworkyou can opt for a loose linen or cotton pants paired with a basic t-shirt and comfortable sneakers. This simple but stylish outfit is ideal for staying focused on your work while looking casual.

If you prefer skirts, the midi skirt will satisfy you. Paired with a simple top and flat sandals, this timeless piece will bring a chic bohemian touch to your style.

Denim lovers can also treat themselves! Why not combine a frayed oversized shirt to your favorite jeans? This casual look can be enhanced with discreet gold jewelry and a pair of trendy espadrilles.

The flowing dress is undoubtedly the star of the dressing room telework. Light and easy to wear, it adapts perfectly to long hours spent in front of the screen. Mainly printed with floral or graphic patterns, it is perfectly suited to the hot temperatures that often reign in our homes during the summer period.

There are several possibilities for adopting a trendy and comfortable look in telework. You just have to dare to mix colors and textures while respecting your own personal style.

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