Behind the scenes of the April shoot

Behind the scenes of the April shoot

Fashion advice for… wearing trendy colors in spring and combining them with each other

For this season, beyond orange, certain colors stand out. The Red is making a comeback and we've been waiting for it for a few years. Vibrant blue is also present in the collections. And then, of course, there is the color selected by Pantone for 2024: le peach fuzz. For those who like pastel tones, pale yellow and light blue are also required.

The color duos that you can combine are then: vibrant orange/blue, a sure bet, although daring. To remain more sober, we will prefer non-color associations: beige/gray, white/black/gray. As to metallic grayalso trendy, it goes with everything!

Laura, the modelaccompanied from Adelaide, styliste de Relooking & Queen

Hair styling advice for… having shiny hair

To make your hair shiny and vibrant, start by blow-drying it, which helps close the hair scales and promotes light reflection and natural shine. Then, to intensify this effect, use specially designed hair serums or shine sprays. These products add extra shine without weighing down the hair, giving you shiny locks.

Vanessa, hairdressing expert, Coiffure Emotions ! by Vito d’Attoma

Beauty advice for… a good routine before applying makeup

Step 1:Clean and tone your face thoroughly using products suited to your skin type.

2nd step :apply a suitable serum, followed by your day cream to maintain hydration.

Step 3 : then let's move on to makeup. Start by applying a primer to smooth the skin, then your foundation, setting powder, blush and highlighter to highlight your features. Finish with a setting spray to make makeup last longer.

An essential tip: always start by applying makeup to your eyes before your complexion to avoid possible touch-ups.

Clea, make-up artist, Marian Miguelez Institute
Nader, our photographer along with Laura, Adélaïde, Kléa and Vanessa

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