Busting 5 Common Myths about Hair Extensions

There are tons of hair extension myths floating around out there, which end up putting a lot of false doubts in the minds of women who want to try them.

The reality is that hair extensions are a safe and effective way to instantly achieve longer hair or more volume, allowing you to enjoy a whole new range of hairstyles.

 We look at the 5 most common myths around hair extensions so that you have the facts before you make a decision.

Common Hair Extension Myths – Busted

Myth 1: Hair extensions don’t blend seamlessly with your natural hair

Naturally, the last thing you want is for people to notice that you’re wearing hair extensions but when you purchase 100% Remy hair, your extensions will look exactly like your own hair. Remy hair is made with 100% human hair and has not been processed. This means that the cuticles are still aligned and will flow with your natural hair. A professional salon will also match the colour of your extensions to your natural hair so that only you will know you’re wearing them.

Myth 2: You will need to adjust your usual exercise routine

You should never be worried about your hair extensions moving. When your extensions have been installed correctly, there is no reason why they should shift when you exercise. Your hair extensions are meant to fit in with your lifestyle, not take away from it, and they do!

Myth 3: Hair extensions are expensive but won’t last long

Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that’s only going to last them a few weeks and while hair extensions won’t last forever, you will be able to enjoy them for several months before they’ll need to be replaced. The type of hair extensions that you choose and how you care for them will all play a role in their lifespan. High-quality hair extensions will also last longer than cheaper, lower quality extensions. Speak to a professional about choosing and installing quality hair extensions by visiting https://ehhairextensions.com.au/hair-extensions-salon-brisbane/

Myth 4: Your natural hair will become thinner after wearing hair extensions

If your hair extensions have been installed by a professional stylist and you’re following the proper care instructions, there is no reason why your natural hair will be affected by hair extensions. If you already have thinner hair, there are certain types of extensions that would be better suited to you, with tape in hair extensions being a good example.

Myth 5: Up dos will no longer be an option if I have hair extensions

The whole point of getting hair extensions is to be able to create new and exciting hairstyles, including updos. Your stylist will be able to guide you through some upstyle options based on the type of extensions you’ve chosen. The tape or clip of your extensions should never be showing when creating an up do, which speaks to the importance of choosing a reputable salon for the installation of your extensions.

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