Cosmetic Packaging Trends Customers Will Expect In 2019

Cosmetic industry is all about looks ranging from oral hygiene to bath products and fragrance to skin care items. Consumers are consistently changing their way of interacting with as well as dumping their personal hygiene products. It does not matter, if you are a cosmetic product manufacturer or marketer but staying ahead of competition is important. Your brand packaging must not be allowed to coast along for decades because even the most active packaging design trends hardly remain still for long. So, it has to evolve with seasons just like any other trends.

Cosmetic packaging offers designer to get creative and express themselves. Below are some cosmetic trends to lookout for in 2019.

Charismatic artwork

Blend of special texture and bold prints will make cosmetic boxes look inherently more engaging. Textures add a little oomph to the packaging. Embossing, debossing, soft-touch coating, foil stamping or metallic coating can make personal care product packages can look more interesting and unique on the shelf along with different brands—-it is important to be noticeable!

Embedded samples

Several brands dispense samples, especially with every online order. In several cases, samples come along with the product separately but such samples can be handled in a creative manner. If the item is related then it can be added inside the packaging. Embedded samples make consumers feel appreciated and they come back for more. A little added creativity can go a long way!

Structural creativity

You may have seen the unique and compelling packaging design top beauty brands opted for. They made sure that they look different on the shelf, so that buyers can identify them easily. You can evolve your current packaging design. In structural packaging, you can include unique closures to the boxes incorporating an inner layer. Your packaging design becomes more interactive.

Eco friendly packaging options

Consumers are turning more eco-friendly because of the increase in awareness. They look for signs that reveal how much the manufacturer cares for the environment. This commitment towards sustainability can be linked on the packaging, so as to attract customers. The challenge here is luxury cosmetic product manufacturers never desire to connect their items with recycled materials but it can be possible. You just need to discuss this with the packaging producers. They will certainly offer eco-friendly materials, which will satisfy customers without any compromise on the luxury cosmetic product’s image.

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