Everything you need to know about tokio inkarami treatment: my experience and advice

Everything you need to know about tokio inkarami treatment: my experience and advice

I'm Tokyo Inkarami is a hair care protocol that is all the rage in hair salons. It is aimed at damaged, sensitized or dull hair who need a intense hydration and a deep repair.

But what does this treatment from Japan consist of? What are his benefits ? How does it take place? We tell you everything in this article.

The soin Tokio Inkarami is not Brazilian straighteningbut a restorative and regenerating treatment that treats hair from the inside.

The treatment is composed of eight types of keratin, amino acids and fatty acids of plant origin. He restores the materialincreases resistance and brings shine to the hair.

It exists in three versions (basic, smooth, moisture) which meet the specific needs of each hair type.

If you have the sensitized hair by chemical treatments or external aggressions, you need repairing and moisturizing care. Tokyo treatment is an innovative product which will deeply hydrate the hair and restore shine to dull hair.

The Tokio Inkarami treatment is suitable for all scalp types: curly, straight, frizzy, colored, bleached, etc.

It is particularly recommended for hair damaged by chemical attacks (coloring, bleaching, straightening) or mechanical (brushing, straighteners, hairdryer).

It is ideal for those who want to maintain their length without sacrificing the health of their hair.

The price of soin Tokyo varies by salon and hair length. It costs between 80 and 200 euros for a one-hour session.

The soin Tokio Inkarami is carried out in the salon, in several stages:

The hairdresser analyzes thehair condition and chooses the products adapted to the hair problem.

The hair is washed with a gentle tokio inkarami shampoo to prepare it for the treatment.

  • Application of the treatment:

The hairdresser applies four products successively to the lengths and ends, massaging and combing the hair at each stage. Each product contains specific ingredients which will act on the structure of the hair:

  • the first product contains amino acids which will penetrate the cortex of the hair and strengthen it;
  • the second product contains a kind of keratin which will fill in the gaps in the hair cuticle and smooth it;
  • the third product contains fullerenes which will increase the hydration of the hair and facilitate the adhesion of other products;
  • the fourth product contains lipids which will nourish the hair and give it shine.
  • Passing under the steam The hair is wrapped in a hot towel or under a steam helmet for 10 minutes to optimize the penetration of the active ingredients.

The hair is rinsed with lukewarm water to remove excess product.

The hair is dried and a heating device can be used (straightener, hair dryer)

The soin Tokio Inkarami has a lifespan of approximately two months. It is recommended to perform it every two or three months to maintain the effects of the treatment.

It is also recommended to use products suitable for use at home to prolong the benefits of the treatment. The Tokio brand offers a range of products for home use which contain the same ingredients as professional care.

Before using this product, you must read the instructions carefully and follow the safety instructions.

This product contains substances which may be dangerous to health, particularly to the respiratory tract, skin and eyes.

You must therefore avoid any contact with these parts of the body and wear gloves. Furthermore, according to WhatChoisir This product is not recommended for pregnant women.

If you are pregnant or have any doubts, it is better not to use this product.

I tested the Tokyo Inkarami treatment and here is my opinion.

My hair was very damaged from the straightener I had been using for years. So I decided to do this treatment which promises to repair, hydrate, soften and make hair shine.

The result was surprising, my hair was softer, more supple, easier to comb and detangle. The treatment lasted about two months on my hair.

The Tokyo treatment is done in a salon, but it is possible to do it at home. Just get the products and follow the steps. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that explain how to do it.

I performed the first treatment in the salon and for 1 year now, I have been carrying out this treatment myself. I order it online or in a specialized store.

In addition, I add to my routine the K18 mask which I find simply incredible, I regained my thickness thanks to this one.

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