Fashion: how to wear capri pants, the spring trend?

Fashion: how to wear capri pants, the spring trend?

It is very likely that you have drawn a line under capri pants, considered out of date for a few years now, but as fashion is an eternal beginning again, you will have to take yourself back to distant memories.

This season, cropped pants are back in force and they take us back in time. In the 60s, these pants were cut mid-calf and were very popular with starlets like the beautiful Brigitte Bardot. It was then worn by young and old in the 2000s, but eventually disappeared completely to give way to pants, shorts and mini-shorts. Here he is back in 2024! But today it shares the spotlight with capri pants. Because if the two are very similar, one detail contrasts them.

Capri pants generally fall just below the knee, while cropped pants fall below the knee or just above the ankle. Today, Janette is looking at capri pants considered much cooler than their counterpart. On the other hand, to dare these capri pants, you need to have a few tips in mind, here are three that will help you adopt them better.

Wear capri pants with heels

Capri pants are ideal for slim figures, but don't worry, it's not impossible to wear them if you're not. You simply have to adopt this tip which consists of removing the instep and opting for small heels. So you can opt for flat ballerinas or heeled mules, slingbacks or pumps.

Choose black capri pants or denim pants

The trend is coming back slowly but surely, so to adopt it gently, don't go extravagant by trying to adopt colorful capri pants. Instead, opt for black, even go for a total black look. Or, opt for denim capri pants. Denim will be the big trend for spring-summer.

Pair capri pants with a sweatshirt, blazer or shirt

Capri pants in a legging version will also be there this season, so take the sportswear trend to its peak by wearing them with a loose sweatshirt. Otherwise, opt for the timeless cotton shirt or the irreplaceable blazer. Capri pants allow you to have a chic and casual look at the same time.

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