Fashion: stripes, fringes, eyelets, polka dots… the trendy details of the summer season?

Fashion: stripes, fringes, eyelets, polka dots… the trendy details of the summer season?

With the start of spring comes the desire to take a quick stroll through the fashion departments and change a few pieces of your wardrobe to get the latest trends. But before you embark on a frenzied shopping trip, Janette suggests that you take a quick fashion update on the trends for this spring-summer.

And if this year, spring will be more minimalist than previous years, with a return to basics, to basic, timeless and fundamental pieces, the designers have still integrated many fashion details into these pieces.

Whether it is prints or ornaments, summer fashion 2024 has not been completely devoid of amenities. On the other hand, she returned to details more or less already seen on the catwalks or in the street, and that is worth a look just to be aware!

The stripes


Stripes are back! Vertical, horizontal, thin, thick or multicolored, they are slumming this season. More flashy than ever, they slip over dresses, skirts, jackets and can even be worn as a total look. We also find them more discreet on shirt dresses, the key piece for spring-summer 2024.



To give grace to movements, the designers abandoned winter feathers in favor of much more summery fringes. So, fringes, this fashion detail that we never tire of, will be more present than ever this season. They are grabbing leather skirts, charleston-style dresses, blazer jackets and even transparent tops.

The peas

Elie Saab

Resolutely feminine and retro, the polka dot print is also back. This season, the designers have imagined polka dots in small sizes, but also in larger sizes and not just white and black. They are also sometimes colorful. Polka dots appear on long flowing dresses, sometimes with a cape, but also on mini dresses or light tops revealing the shoulders.


Jil Sander

Faced with a more timeless fashion, the pieces are more classic, but do not abandon their style. So to loosen up a suit jacket or a summer cardigan, the designers relied on a rather rock ornament: the eyelet. If some viewed it in XXL version and in moderation, others wanted it in mini version and in abundance. It’s the fashion detail that makes all the difference!



Sometimes romantic, sometimes ostentatious, the flowers will be there again this year. They will be the highlight of your summer looks and in different ways. There will be the floral print with imposing flowers or roses sparingly or less extensive flowers but “all over”. And then it will also have 3D flowers, those that give the impression of coming out of the garment to grab all the attention. Either way, both will be seen from afar!

Photo Louis Vuitton/Printemps-été 2024

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