Guide to fashionable colors for Spring 2024 –

Guide to fashionable colors for Spring 2024 –

Spring is upon us, and with it, new colorful trends are emerging on the fashion scene. Whether you are passionate about style or simply curious, here is the palette of 2024 color trends that will make a splash this spring.

Shades of gray and “Peach Fuzz”: Very fashionable colors this season

Shades of gray: the ideal colors to have in your wardrobe

Grey, often associated with sobriety, is reinventing itself to become the flagship color of spring 2024. Prestigious fashion shows such as Prada, Gucci and Altuzarra have highlighted it, and it is now making its way into our wardrobes.

This timeless shade brings a touch of minimalist, chic luxury to any outfit. Blonde, brown or red hair, this year 2024 you will wear gray. This is not the first time that this color has been in fashion. How to adopt this spring color?

Look Monochrome : Opt for an all-gray ensemble, like a trench coat paired with pants and a cashmere sweater in the same color. Add a leather bag and XXL glasses for an elegant look.

The “peach fuzz” color, powder pink, one of the light shades that has its effect

The tint Peach Fuzzoscillating between pink and velvety peach, is the star of spring 2024. Soft and warm, it evokes the first flowers blooming.

Adopt it through light pieces such as dresses, blouses or accessories for a spring touch.

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