How to choose the color of your tights?

How to choose the color of your tights?

Winter is coming, and for lingerie addicts that we are, that means: the return of tights! We like to dress our legs with pretty tights when the temperature drops, but be careful to choose them well. For tights can be a seduction of the size of the asset.

Just like lingerie, tights are there to certainly dress us, but also to highlight our shapes and our body. As long as you choose them well. It's a question of style as we'll see, it's also a question of the quality of the tights. The Lemon team tells you everything to dress your legs all winter long!

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How to recognize good tights?

Our tights stay with us and warm us all winter long. It is therefore essential that they are of good quality. Apart from the size, which should be adapted to the length of your particular legs, the golden rule to check if a tights are of quality and, right for you, is to test them. It should absolutely not mark your legs or your waist. DIM tights, for example, have developed years of technology so as not to mark the waist. All at a low price.

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The goal of tights, like lingerie, is not to constrain the body, but to follow its shapes and movements. The goal is, don't forget, to enhance your legs! So good tights should shape your legs and adapt to your body shape. It must then be resistant so as not to turn too quickly.

Which tights for which style?

We can say that there are 3 main families of tights. First of all Classic tights, flesh-colored, but most often opaque black or slightly satin. These are everyday tights, so choose them wisely! You can also opt for wool tights, not too thick to keep us warm.

If you are in a festive mood, you can opt for colorful tights. The Gerbe brand is particularly famous for its tights in crazier colors than the other. The advantage is to bring a good mood and a touch of pep to your outfit. And don't be afraid to dare: yellow, purple, blue, pink… everything is allowed! Be careful not to wear too many other colors with it, so as not to turn into a parrot!

Finally, one last possibility is at your disposal in terms of tights: patterns. More difficult patterned tights are still an unrivaled fashion tool. They will boost your outfit in no time, making your figure stand out. Geometric or with simple little details like the line at the back of the 20s style of the leg, patterned tights will become your best winter friend! Here we find models from the Gerbe brand.

And for more ideas on tights to get through winter, find one of our lingerie selections!

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