How to choose the length of pants?

How to choose the length of pants?

The denim has become a staple in our wardrobes. We find it on our jackets, skirts, dresses and obviously on our pants. And yes, for those who didn't know him yet, jeans is not a fabric! It's the denim which makes up the famous blue jeans. This fabric which, despite preconceptions, was created in France in the city of Nîmes.

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Enhance your figure with clothing cuts adapted to your body shape

So, now that you know everything about denim, the real question is: “How to choose your cut jeans for women ? »

If the notions of regular fit, slim, skinny, bootcut and flared are unclear to you, read this article. With this guide, I will also help you define the jeans size that suits you best: high, low or regular? Depending on your body shape and your clothing style, you will know which jeans to choose.

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What is it to hate?

Obviously, this guide is only here to guide you to enhance your figure. There's nothing stopping you from wearing the denim cut you want, regardless of your body shape and appearance. All that matters is that you feel beautiful!


1. The high waist

Your pants will ride above your belly button and sometimes cover it. HAS jeans cut With a high waist allows you to lengthen your silhouette. In addition, it will give you a good grip and the possibility of hiding your shapes.


2. Normal size

Jeans with a normal waistline stop below the navel and above the hips. It will be perfect if you are hesitating between high and low.


3. Low waist

With a low rise, your pants will start 5-7 cm below your belly button. It was the size of the 2000s! All the stars had adopted it, from Britney Spears to Paris Hilton.



1. Classic or straight cut

The jeans cut Straight is the most classic and timeless cut. The most famous example is the Jean Levi’s 501 brut In denim .

A straight cut is a jeans cut Loose, it follows the shape of the legs without sticking to the body. So it's a very comfortable fit, while remaining very trendy. Denim jeans with a regular fit are suitable for all body types.

This cut of denim pants matches vintage style, but also casual/sportswear fashion. You can match it with a large sweatshirt or a loose shirt for the most beautiful result!

Regular denim fit

2. Jean slim fit

Like the straight cut, the slim cut jeans have become a fashion basic. It is the mix between a skinny and a regular: it hugs the thighs like the first, then goes down to the ankles like the second.

Slim denim jeans will be perfect for you if you are slim and tall. It will refine your silhouette by highlighting your body.

If you are more chic, slim fit jeans will be the perfect fit for you! You do not believe me ? Imagine wearing your slim jeans with a white polka dot blouse or a shirt with a Peter Pan collar.

A slim jeans cut

3. Coupe skinny

You have surely heard of jeans cut skinny. Over the past 5 years, she has done the most ink flow. In all stores, on all catwalks, on magazine displays, the jeans skinny was a must.

The jean skinny Adapts perfectly to the shape of your body, like a second skin. This cut is very sexy and very feminine.

So who is suitable for skinny ? To all the girls who are not afraid to highlight their shapes. It will go very well with a flowing top or a long shirt.

You have a fashion style , Are you a fan of all the latest trends? THE jeans cut Skinny will allow you to present your latest acquired sneakers.

A cut of skinny jeans

4. Bootcut jeans cut

The jeans cut bootcut is, as its name suggests, made to be worn with a pair of boots. This type of jeans is straight at the knees, then widens at the ankle. It also allows you to wear all kinds of heels.

Ideal for a work look, mix this cut of women's jeans with a pair of pumps and a suit jacket. In winter, no problem either: the bootcut will go very well with a pair of leather ankle boots and a long trench coat.

All the working girls found this jeans cut adapted to their style. Thanks to the bootcut, you can finally BCBG In denim !

A cut of bootcut jeans

5. Flared cut

The jeans cut rocket can be considered the cousin of the cup bootcut , wider and flared. Often high waisted, it offers optimal comfort leaving your body free.

Trousers denim the cutting rocket are very close to bell bottom jeans straight out of the 70′. This type of jeans is the complete opposite of skinny because it does not emphasize shapes and is, on the contrary, very broad.

For a few months, the jeans rocket has come back with a vengeance on social media and fashion shows. Fashionistas snatch it themselves. If you are fashionable, don't wait to buy one!

It suits all body shapes but is particularly ideal for women who want to hide their curves! Regarding jeans bootcut wear it with a pair of heels or wedges.

Flared cut

6. The MOM jeans cut

The MOM cut jeans is one of the most popular cuts of the moment. It fits perfectly with the vintage trend of the 90s and 80s and can be found in the wardrobe of all the most important bloggers and influencers.

This cut jeans for women is characterized by a cigarette shape and a high waist. As the name suggests, it will be perfect for an old school or vintage style.

With a cut of MOM jeans, try a look denim opting for a loose raw denim jacket. In summer, pair it with your best T-shirts with logos or, why not, a boyfriend shirt!

A cut of mom jeans

7. Le jegging

The birth of Jegging happened during the jeans trend skinny . The designers wanted to go even further by creating this mix between leggings and jeans . It takes the best of both sides: the comfort of leggings and the robustness of jeans .

The Jegging will allow you to face everyday life more easily thanks to its stretchy material which will give you greater freedom of movement, unlike denim which is very steep.

So how to dress it? In the picture of jeans skinny , it will allow you to highlight your body and other pieces that you wear such as, for example, your brand new pair of ankle boots. THE Jegging also lets you elongate your figure, so try pairing it with a pair of pumps!

A cut of jegging jeans

Now that you have found your jeans of choice, it is now necessary choose your size and it can turn out to be a real puzzle.

It is true that with charters of different sizes (US/UK/FR) and measurements that vary depending on the country, it is easy to no longer find them. Follow my advice to avoid making mistakes when shopping!

Waist size

Simply put, the size corresponds to the width that your jeans . To know your waist size, you have to measure it! To do this, simply measure your waist at the trough above your navel:


We offer you this table which, thanks to your measurements, will allow you to know your French size and your American size.

Leg length

As the name suggests, it corresponds to the length of the pants! To measure your leg length, you need to determine the length of your inseam from your thighs to your ankles. Take these measurements on the inside of your legs (arrow B):


It should be clarified that only jeans Americans have different leg lengths. It is the painting that will allow you to understand them and know yours!

From now on, jeans no longer hold any secrets for you. And what better way to put all these tips into practice than to go shopping and buy new jeans?

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