How to maintain your bathrobe?

How to maintain your bathrobe?

There aren't many things that feel as good as slipping into your extra soft bathrobe after a shower or just lounging around the house. Like most things, your bathrobe needs proper care and maintenance to maintain its comfort. Continue reading our article to find out how to properly maintain it.

Wash your bathrobe before its first use

When you first purchase your cotton bathrobe, you should wash it before first use. This will eliminate any residue from production and packaging. The first wash is a way to get rid of any chemical and dye residue that may be left on your robe. The first wash can also help improve the absorbency of your bathrobe. You can also add half a cup of salt to the water when washing a colored bathrobe for the first time. This will prevent the color from running. If you are looking to buy a bathrobe, know that the men's fashion site Rue des Hommes offers a wide selection. You can also go to the site to discover it.

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Wash your bathrobe correctly

How you wash your cotton bathrobe will determine how long it will last and whether it will retain its softness or not. Luckily, cotton bathrobes are the easiest to wash and usually don't require too much effort. Due to its durability, your cotton bathrobe can be easily washed in your washing machine. Be sure to use a gentle detergent; a low-end or overly chemical detergent can be harsh on your bathrobe. Wash in cold water on a normal cycle to maintain the plush feel of your bathrobe. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener on your bathrobe. This can lead to buildup and damage the fabric. Rinse your bathrobe thoroughly to remove any detergent residue. Unlike other intimate clothing, bathrobes do not need to be washed after each use. If you wash it too often, your bathrobe may wear out easily and lose its comfort. To ensure the longevity of your bathrobe, you can have it washed at least twice a month.

Take care after washing

If washing is important, so is care after washing. After rinsing your bathrobe thoroughly, you need to make sure that it is also dried properly. You can machine dry your bathrobe. However, be sure to choose the no-heat option as heat can damage the cotton fabric. For complete drying, you can hang your bathrobe outside to air it out. Note that you should avoid exposing your bathrobe to direct sunlight to keep it soft and comfortable. When not in use, you can hang your clean bathrobe on a hanger or fold it neatly in a garment bag. With good care, your bathrobe can be your comfort garment for a very long time!

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We hope that our article has provided you with information on how to wash your bathrobe!

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