Janette's definition: the Bisou method

Janette's definition: the Bisou method

It's time for some big spring cleaning! You've washed your windows, polished your door handles and taken the dog's basket to the dry cleaners. All that remains is to tackle your closets, especially since the summer sales are fast approaching. Follower of the Kondo method, you have sorted, classified, emptied with elegance and style. Yes, but every season it's the same, the closet is overflowing, you can't find anything there and you feel helpless in front of the mass of clothes that extends well beyond your wardrobe.

It is for you that Marie Duboin and Herveline Giraudeau have set up the Bisou method. Nothing to do with signs of affection! Kiss is an acronym for catching evil at its root. Parts of the observation that four million tons of clothing new are thrown away every year in Europe, the two women thought that it must be possible, instead of tidying up again and again like Sisyhe at her task, to simply buy less. And this is where the KISS comes in:

B like Need: the first question to ask yourself before buying is “do I really need it?” »

I like Immediacy: well, obviously you need it, but do you need this item of clothing now? This is the second question.

S like Similar: another question before taking action, “do I already have this item of clothing in a similar version at home?” »

O like Origin: test your eco-friendly fiber by looking at where the garment comes from. This could help you to forgo the purchase, unless it is second-hand, then you score points!

U like Useful: maybe you could also start there: will this item of clothing be useful to me?

Convinced? Have you ever tried this method? Are you going to try it?

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