Jeans for men to choose based on their body shape

Jeans for men to choose based on their body shape

Jeans for men to choose based on their body shape

Every person has different attributes and characteristics. Whether you are tall, short, thin or round, one thing is certain: everyone must accept themselves and embrace their physical characteristics and highlight them. And this includes choosing clothing items adapted to your figure.

For men, there are different cuts of jeans such as slim, straight jeans, oversize, skinny, etc. Here are some tips for find the perfect jeans for your figure!

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The straight cut

The straight cut is the easiest to wear and the most common among jeans for men proposed.

It is a straight cut that extends from the waist to the bottom of the pants, and therefore, over the entire leg. It is recommended for its versatility and will be appropriate for all silhouetteswhether you are slim or curvy.

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THE thin and tall men will be more highlighted with straight and regular straight jeans. If you have a slender look with thin legs, these models will highlight your assets without accentuating your slender figure.

The tapered cut

This model is not a slim, nor regular, nor skinny, but a combination, similar to the cut called carrot. In reality, the expression tapered can be interpreted as “tapered”.

These jeans are generally suitable for men with muscular legs. It offers a loose fit at the hips, a fairly tight cut on the thighsand tightens towards the ankles.

But, note that this cut is not exclusively reserved for men with muscular legs.

Jeans for men to choose based on their body shape

The bootcut cut

Unlike the tapered cut, the bootcut cut is characterized by tight thighs and legs that gradually widen from the knee to the ankles.

It is perfect for those who love to wear wide shoes, such as boots. However, these jeans should be worn casually. Finally, if you have slightly short legsthen it will suit you perfectly.

The slim fit

We've arrived at the moment to discuss slim, one of the most popular cuts of men's jeans.

It highlights the curves of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks, calves, without exaggerating and adapts to lots of body types.

It will highlight thin silhouettes while refining less slender ones. There is no need to avoid slim jeans if you want to hide certain curves, as they are able to refine the silhouette.

On the other hand, it will be perfectly suited to men with slim, or even very slim, figures. The latter can also turn to 7/8 jeanse and avoid flared models.

The skinny cut

This cut is strongly associated with adolescence and particularly flattering on men with slim figure due to its form-fitting nature.

Here, the jeans are extremely fitted throughout the thigh and tighten even further at the knee and ankles.

What about men with a classic silhouette?

Men who have a harmonious figure have a greater choice in terms of jeans. If you fall into this category, then you have the option to choose between slim jeans, skinny jeans, straight jeans or wide jeans.

Oversized jeans, as well as other very loose models, will also look great on you.

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