Making Your Bedroom an Oasis of Relaxation

The bedroom is one place where we can really relax and forget the usual worries and stresses of the outside world, but this only works if it is fitted out exactly how we want it. Fitted wardrobes, windows that let in the maximum amount of light and curtains that fully stop the light, are just three examples of what can contribute to the perfect bedroom for many people. Sleep quality is probably the most important factor when we think of a bedroom, the bed must be of suitable size and height, the mattress must be just how we like it and the bedding top notch, but where can you buy really high-quality bedding? There are several suppliers out there who claim to offer the best, but in reality, relatively few live up to this lofty benchmark. There are a few companies out there which offer high comfort bedding but also produce their products sustainably. High quality, premium products such as Tencel bed sheets – are a good example of bed sheets that combine the very best levels of comfort with an eco-friendly business model, more details can be found on their website. Please see below for a few more things that might or might not be conductive in making your bedroom an oasis of relaxation.

I realise that my ideas of what makes a bedroom perfect may not be yours, but have listed a few of my favourites below:

  • Wide Screen Wall Mounted Smart TV
  • Small Tropical Fish Tank
  • Small Bedside Fridge
  • One Cup Coffee Machine
  • A Selection of Pillows
  • Top Quality Duvet and Bedding
  • Ensuite Toilet and Shower

My inspiration for the perfect bedroom comes from my idea that you shouldn’t have to move very far for the things you need if you choose to stay there for more than 8 hours a day. With all of the above included, I could quite happily go to bed at any time of the day!

Bedroom Extras and Colour Scheme

Space allowing, I’d really like a walk-in-closet but I’m afraid space and budgetary constraints have put a stop to this vision, at least for the time being! The colour scheme for me should also be soft, no bright citrus colours (save that for the kitchen!) or anything too dark. If money was no object, I think I’d introduce some smart technology, into both the home and the bedroom, controlling everything from your mobile phone or tablet is something that would really appeal.

Budgetary Considerations

The vast majority of people need to adhere to some kind of budget, so the essentials must come first. A quality bed, bedding and Smart TV would be my main three priorities in my present financial state, I’ll have to keep on saving for the rest!

You can improve your bedroom and sleep quality without spending a fortune, get your bed and bedding right and you can build on the rest at a later date.

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