Stripes, pop colors, Bermuda shorts, wide pants: spring-summer 2024 fashion signals a return to simplicity

Stripes, pop colors, Bermuda shorts, wide pants: spring-summer 2024 fashion signals a return to simplicity

Stripes, pop, delicious and tangy colors, Bermuda shorts and pants with wide, straight cuts, spring-summer 2024 fashion marks the return to the simplicity of our silhouettes.

What looks to adopt for the return of sunny days? Just once, to find out, it was in the company of our columnist and fashion and trends consultant Alain Tholl de l'Enclos that we went to the Point Carré multi-brand store in Marche-en-Famenne. To design these silhouettes inspired by the season's key trends, Alain Tholl de l'Enclos was able to count on the help of Carole, assistant manager of the brand, who also agreed once again to take on the role of model for our fittings.

Apricot and metallic

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For this first outfit, Carole and Alain opted for an apricot blouse and pants, enhanced with a metallic gray perfecto, two elements which were particularly noticed on the fashion week catwalks. “This apricot color is really one of the big trends of summer! All ranges of orange in fact, from the softest to the most intense, from the lightest to the darkest. We find it on satin materials or more natural like cotton and linen. I really like a total look, but I recognize that it will be easier to wear in monochrome… As we are on a warm color, it's interesting to play on the contrast with the cold metallic of the perfecto. It brings nuance to the silhouette. This metallic is one of the other trends of this spring-summer that we find mainly in accessories, notably shoes, with copper, gold, bronze and of course silver.” As for accessories, the bag is adorned with fringes, which are still at the forefront of fashion this season.

Stripes and azure blue

Another unmissable color for this spring-summer 2024: blue, lively and deep, intense and luminous, whether azure or king. And stripes, which are available in all versions! They are found both at the high and low levels. “It’s time to bring out your sailor tops! But we also find stripes on flowing dresses, they can be oblique, horizontal or vertical.” The opportunity for our consultant to recall that horizontal stripes will tend to widen the silhouette, while vertical ones will, on the contrary, lengthen it, and that these elements will necessarily have to be taken into account depending on the desired rendering of the silhouette. With the azure stripes combo, Alain Tholl de l'Enclos and Carole chose to combine white and wide pants. “And again, metallic, copper this time, in the bag.”

Shorts, lilac and chunky knit

In this third look, four trends compete: lilac, stripes, shorts (or Bermuda shorts) and oversize. “Bermuda shorts are really a strong piece this season, but they are not the easiest to wear. In this case, we prefer shorts in a loose version. As with pants, we choose wide versions , more masculine. In this look, we also find the chunky winter knit, but which reveals the body this time, very openwork and light. We have associated it with the essential stripes. And then, we have this ultra-trendy lilac color. A pastel shade, mixed with pistachio.” The extra tip: “If they're colors that don't suit your skin tone, but you still want to wear them, just move them away from the face.” Finally, it's the big return of the white sneaker. Which will be in all colors this summer, however, mainly with ultra-flat soles.

Short suit

“Here, we really have a fresh, sexy and elegant ensemble, while remaining 'casual', without looking stuffy. There is a very chic side to a short suit, especially with this material reminiscent of tweed. But this green, pistachio, delicious, magnificent, with this pair of sneakers and this cap come to shift the outfit, to break the 'overdressed' side. To those who are hesitant about short shorts, I say 'dare'! If we stay sober on the top, with a round neck, sleeves that cover the arms, it won't be vulgar. To give a more couture side to the look, you can play with layering necklaces. The accessory, as with every collection, remains an essential to complete an outfit, we must not forget it! But to avoid the Christmas tree effect, we avoid overloading the neck, wrists, fingers and ears: we choose where to put the accent, and we remain sober on the rest. For example, if you decide to wear several necklaces, you will opt for a fairly discreet pair of earrings. I also take this opportunity to remind you of another rule: in summer, we often want to add color, and that's great. But no more than three at a time! To be elegant and distinguished, it is better not to venture into risky combinations…”

Pastel yellow and “mom” jeans

Alain and Carole chose a decidedly more sportswear look for the latest outfit, which perfectly combines comfort and trend. “Yellow is another color that we will find a lot this summer, in all shades. We turned to a pastel for this silhouette. And we opted for a lemon patterned shirt to add a little touch of originality 'Mom' cut jeans give a very relaxed, loose look. But the problem is that this cut doesn't necessarily suit everyone, because it tends to flatten the silhouette and sag it.

It will be important to mark the waist with a braided belt or a scarf for example, to feminize the whole and structure everything. But no more slim pants, that's what you have to remember! We avoid anything that is tight, close to the body, clingy at the bottom: we go for much looser, wider pairs. And in all subjects! Whether it’s denim or very fluid cottons. If you don't have a body shape that lends itself to these very wide models, the ideal is to wear a pair of heeled shoes, to lengthen the silhouette, and to stick with light materials to avoid the effect block.”

Next month, in your Deuzio, find the men's trends for spring-summer 2024.

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