The 10 best Instagram hashtags in 2024

The 10 best Instagram hashtags in 2024

THE hashtags Instagram are much more than just words preceded by a pound sign (#). They have become powerful tools for increasing visibility of your content and engage your audience.

In this article we will talk about the best hashtags to insert in your publications on the social network Instagram. Add hashtags can allow you to earn I like but also subscribers.

Maximize visibility with Instagram hashtags 2024

THE hashtags are essential elements to improve the visibility of your photos on Instagram. By choosing your hashtagsyou can increase your scope and attract the attention of a public wider. Before using the hashtags most popular on Instagram, think first about your hashtag strategy to do it intelligently.

Before using the most popular hashtags on instagramthink about your hashtag strategy first to do this intelligently.

1. #Love

A timeless classic that evokesamour and the positivity. Use this hashtag to share moments of tendernessmoments romantic or simply to spread good vibes.

2. #Instagood

This hashtag is ideal for sharing moments of quality and well-made photos. Whether it's a landscape breathtaking, a portrait striking or an impressive piece of art, #instagood is here to showcase your quality content.

3. #Fashion

For lovers of mode and the influencers, #fashion is a must. Use this hashtag to share your looks of the dayvos favorite outfitsor to highlight the latest trends in terms of fashion.

4. #Me

This hashtag is often used for selfies and the self-portraits. Whether you want to share your Today's moodyour new look or simply show your visage#me is here to help you shine.

5. #Cute

For everything that is mignon et adorable, #cute is the perfect hashtag. Of the babies to animals passing through the moments of complicitythis hashtag is sure to grab attention and make your followers smile.

6. #TBT (Throwback Thursday)

Thursday is the perfect day to share memories of the past with the hashtag #TBT. Whether it's a childhood photoand memorable trip or one Milestone#TBT allows you to relive precious moments.

7. #PhotoOfTheDay

Put your best foot forward Photo of the day with the hashtag #PhotoOfTheDay. Whether it's a work of artand breathtaking landscape or one moment captured on the spotthis hashtag will allow you to share your talent with the whole world.

8. #Instamood

Express your mood of the moment with the hashtag #Instamood. That you are happy, melancholy, inspired or contemplativethis hashtag will allow you to share your emotions with your subscribers.

9. #PicOfTheDay

Share your favorite image of the day with the hashtag #PicOfTheDay. Whether it's a artistic photoa hilarious screenshot or simply a snapshot of your daythis hashtag will allow you to highlight your most remarkable content.

10. #Fun

For moments fun et light, use the hashtag #Fun. Whether it's a jokea funny anecdote or simply a moment of joythis hashtag will allow you to share moments of happiness with your community.

How to find the best hashtags for your Instagram account?

Here are some tips for you help discover the most relevant hashtags :

First, identify your niche and your target audience. Understand your audience's interests and preferences to select hashtags that resonate with them.

Then use hashtag research tools like Display Purposes, Hashtagify or Keyhole to discover popular and relevant hashtags in your field.

Don’t hesitate to explore the hashtags used by your competitors or accounts influential in your sector. This can give you ideas for hashtags to incorporate into your own posts.

Opt for a combination of popular hashtags and of hashtags de niche to maximize your reach while targeting a specific audience.

Finally, monitor the performance of your hashtags using the Instagram statistics. Identify which ones generate the most engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

How many hashtags do you need on Instagram to optimize your visibility?

Here are some essential guidelines for optimize the effectiveness of your hashtags while improving your SEO:

  1. Variety of hashtags : Be sure to use a combination of popular and specific hashtags for your content. This diverse strategy will reach a wide range of audiences, increasing your visibility and engagement potential.
  2. Recommended number of hashtags : It is best to use at least 15 hashtags par publication. This optimal amount will allow you to expand your reach and increase the chances of your content being discovered by new, interested users.
  3. Variety of hashtags : Avoid systematically using the same hashtags. By varying your hashtag choices with each post, you can reach different segments of your target audience, avoiding appearing redundant and predictable.
  4. Pertinence des hashtags : Select hashtags that are directly related to your content. Opt for relevant keywords that accurately describe what your post is about, which will drive more qualified and authentic engagement.
  5. Avoiding generic hashtags : Favor hashtags with moderate use, ideally between 20,000 and 200,000 times. Hashtags that are too popular can lead to intense competition, while hashtags that are too specific may not be searched by users.

In practice, although Instagram allows the inclusion of up to 30 hashtags par publicationstudies have demonstrated that the quality over quantity. According to an analysis carried out by Agorapulse, publications with 1 to 2 hashtags generally get a higher number of impressions, while excessive use of hashtags can have the opposite effect on engagement.

In short, the thoughtful and balanced selection of hashtags is essential to optimize the visibility of your publications on Instagram while improving your SEO. By following these tips, you can maximize your online presence and increase the impact of your content on this popular social platform. If you have a TikTok account, take a look at the top 10 best TikTok hashtags.

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