Three Tips for Buying Ethical Fashion Clothing on a Budget

Fast fashion is selling piles of clothing for rock-bottom prices. The enjoyment that comes with shopping fast-fashion items is only temporary. In fact, it does not make you feel great once you are done. Although you can fill up your closet with many discounted goods, the process by which these items were manufactured may not be ethical. But, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still make affordable and socially responsible purchases by considering ethical fashion.

Ethical fashion is buying clothing and accessories made in good working conditions and for fair wages. It involves taking the time to understand more about your preferred brands, think about common manufacturing issues, and thinking beyond the clothing rack. When committing to ethical fashion, use the following eco-friendly fashion guide:

Learn More about your Favorite Brands

Take the time to dig into your favorite brands to know where they get their garments, how much they invest in worker wages and if there are allegations against their factories’ working conditions. As you prefer ethical fashion, you want to shop from ethical brands.

Purchase Handmade Items

In general, hand-made items tend to be more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts. However, today, as more and more brands are committing to sustainability and ethical fashion, consumers can find affordable handmade garments online. But, you can also buy locally sourced clothing from a farmer’s market, craft fairs, and flea markets.

Go to Consignment or Thrift Shops

Purchase pre-loved clothes at consignment shops or get great deals at thrift stores. These shops sell used items and buying from them allows you to reduce the number of low-wage-sourced garments which must be produced.

Consignment shops buy used clothes from previous owners or agree with these owners to split the proceeds with them. Thrift stores get donated goods that sell them for profit or a charity. If you want to get the latest styles, visit a consignment shop but to benefit from lower prices, visit a thrift shop.

Clothing retailers that use shady manufacturing techniques are focused on quantity instead of quality. While ethical fashion items might cost a bit more than cheaper, bigger retailers, you will often get a better-quality item which lasts longer than trendy items you get at a higher price. If you want to minimize the amount of clothing you purchases, learn to determine the difference between need and wants. This way, you will be able to focus your budget on fashion that is ethically sourced.

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