Tips to Septum Piercing To Understand the Healing and Aftercare

Septum piercing is an incision act that is done in the cartilage wall between nostrils. ‘Septum’ the word refers to the partition between tissues or two cavities. Nasal Septum is a wall dividing two nostrils. Septum piercing is made between the nose bottom and the sweet spot. It is pierced close to the septum tip and the incision is rarely carried out in the septum central part.

Septum Piercing generally is performed in a professional piercing studio. This needs an appointment with studios to be fixed. Prior to piercing, a consent form has to be signed by the clients. Before the process being carried out, the clients reveal an indicator strip showing the needles and clamps to be sterilized properly. You must insist on seeing the piercing.

Septum Piercing tips  start with nose cleaning to be done properly. However, this is a sweet spot that needs to be pierced using a needle. A professional uses a strong antiseptic to clean the nose. The clamp is removed and the jewelry piece is pushed using a pierced spot. The blood is cleaned immediately and the ball is threaded into the jewelry. This is a minute or two process and a bit painful, but getting it done through experts is recommended.

Healing Time

A septum piercing session takes nearly 2 to 3 weeks as the nose remains tender. Even a minor brush will make the nose hurtful. Individuals undergoing a pierced septum should be careful for a month. Once the septum piercing is complete, the healing time will be around 6 to 8 months. You may be relieved after a month; generally the pain reduces after 3 weeks.


A septum piercing will notice a secretion buildup around the septum ring. This is a body reaction that takes place naturally after piercing. The yellow or green color secretion may indicate infection. However, in some cases, there may be pus and lump in the septum. Yet, it is right to get medical assistance. If there is infection, leave the jewelry in the septum it will permit drainage of infection and keep the hole open. You may remove the jewelry so that it does not result in hole closure and abscess formation.

Normally, cleaning septum using salt water at home is acceptable. Soak a cotton ball and press the salt water solution to the septum. Doing this daily twice for 5-6 minutes, after removing all the jewelries from your nose is suggested. You may wash hands thoroughly after the care session of septum piercing.

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