Wearing a down jacket correctly – Bozar

Wearing a down jacket correctly – Bozar

Even in winter, we like to be stylish. But you also have to think about the cold. There is therefore a highly recommended item of clothing for combining style and comfort: the down jacket. But this can become a real trap if it is poorly chosen. Here's how to find the perfect piece to make you look your best.

Down jacket and appearance, a complicated question

Well, we know, women's down jacket can be very difficult to wear. Too thick and too long, it makes us disappear or worse, it gives us additional volume that we could do without.

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So to avoid looking like a Bibendum, it is important to follow a few basic rules. So even if you have fallen for a colorful oversized model for this winter, rather than jumping on it without thinking, it is better to check that it will suit you perfectly. Like any other piece of your wardrobe, the down jacket should flatter you and not just keep you warm.

The down jacket was first a piece used by athletes. She therefore keeps this sporting spirit even today. But we were able to revisit it and combine it with more refined pieces for a more urban chic look. You can naturally pair it with a pair of sneakers, but you can also pair it with a pencil skirt and a pair of high heels to skillfully contrast the overly casual style.

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You will also need your beloved down jacket to fit you and for this, it is important to check a few crucial criteria. So, if you are short, forget about long, puffy down jackets. Adults can wear all types of down jackets, even long ones. If you are a little round, on the other hand, forget the overly imposing models which will increase the volumes.

Once these foundations are laid, you can also think about what pieces to wear with your anorak. If you're not fashion savvy, opt for safe bets: jeans and heeled boots. Are you the queen of trends in your neighborhood? So dare! Pair your down jacket with a pretty, flowing, long dress and sky-high boots.

Any ideas for looking chic in a down jacket?

Above all, it is essential to choose the down jacket carefully. Forget the models who have “a sick down jacket face”. Models that are too thin are not suitable at all. The down jacket can accompany you for several years. So why not invest in a branded model, such as a Moncler piece.

Do you want an ultra chic style? Pair a black down jacket with pleated pants (in leather or imitation leather, it will be even better!) of the same color and a pair of cowboy boots with high heels. Jonah. The monochrome look will be perfect but don't forget to select different materials. Consider belting your down jacket to add style.

With a light dress (yes, yes, it's possible), choose a faux leather down jacket which will add a perfect casual chic note.

Have you fallen for an oversized and long model? The longer the down jacket, the more you will need to wear high heels to lengthen the silhouette as much as possible. Adopt mom jeans (or bell bottoms) and super trendy boots. Play with a chromatic range by adopting different shades, from blue to green, for example.

You have fallen for a colorful model. You can choose a very current pastel tone. A pretty powder pink will go with everything. You prefer dynamic shades, red or orange will be perfect. Choose vinyl-style down jackets for a successful style. Shift the casual side with flare jeans and an ultra chic blouse without forgetting the heeled boots.

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