Which jeans for your body type?

Which jeans for your body type?


  1. THE SIZE : a very high waist will tend to add volume to your stomach and your hips while a waist that is too low will accentuate your curves. By choosing an intermediate or “normal” cut, you will be sure not to go wrong!
  1. THE COLOUR : natural indigo jeans will bring a touch of elegance to your casual or formal look. Light or faded jeans are worn more often in spring and summer, they are also more comfortable because they have been washed several times. Like all light clothing, it tends to make the silhouette appear larger. Black or gray jeans add a touch of elegance or a rock'n'roll side depending on the outfit. It can be worn in autumn and winter or in the evening as an alternative to classic black pants.
  1. STRETCH OR CLASSIC : stretch jeans are elastic, they offer more comfort than classic jeans. It's important to try on your jeans before purchasing and sit with them to check comfort.



Regular jeans are an “ever green” of fashion and very comfortable to wear: the straight leg from the hips to the ankles will highlight all silhouettes without being tight or bulky. It is ideal for women with strong thighs and voluminous calves, because it is very harmonious and linear.

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Skinny or super skinny jeans are worn like a second skin. They are, as a general rule, suitable for thin or very thin silhouettes, but also for all women – whether tall, short, round or thin, who want to highlight their shapes and have a sexier look. Worn with high heels, they will lengthen your legs.

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  1. LE SLIM

The slim is a good compromise between the skinny and the regular, it is suitable for all silhouettes. This cut will refine your hips and calves without molding your ankles and “cutting off” your legs if you are short. The hem will fall harmoniously over your shoes, whether you're wearing heels, ankle boots, ballet flats or sneakers.

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Boyfriend jeans are so called because with their wide cut, they look like you stole them from your Jano's wardrobe! The “girlfriend” and “mom” models will be just as comfortable, but slightly tighter. They are generally worn in spring and summer accompanied by a simple t-shirt, crop-top or tank top.
These jeans, which exist in high and low waists, have a reputation for highlighting the buttocks and will give you a very casual look. They can be worn long over the shoe or with the hem folded to reveal your ankles.

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Flare jeans are the “bell bottom” of the 70s par excellence: they are very flared at the bottom and begin to widen from the hips. This cut is suitable for all silhouettes and particularly for tall women. Like the regular, it will camouflage your curves and refine your thighs. It can be worn with low shoes, but for short women it is better to wear heels or wedges to avoid reducing the figure.

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The “bootcut” is ideal to wear over boots. Bootcut jeans are suitable for many silhouettes, particularly round and curvy women with fairly wide hips.

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“Plus size” jeans are specially designed for curvy women. It guarantees a certain comfort and enhances the shapes of round women. You will be spoiled for choice, because these jeans come in classic cuts: slim, skinny, bootcut, flare and regular.

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