Why make yourself a Grim Reaper to be fashionable?

Why make yourself a Grim Reaper to be fashionable?

Grim Reaper tattoos remind us all that our time is limited.

The Legend of the Reaper

The legend of the Grim Reaper seems to be universal. Stories and reports of this spectral figure, also simply called “Death,” spread throughout the world.

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The Grim Reaper, according to legend, is the collector of human souls. She or he, as the case may be, meets an individual at the moment of death, and uses a large scythe to separate the soul from its physical body. The Reaper then ushers the freshly cleaved soul toward its final destination, and moves on to its next rendezvous.

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Although the Grim Reaper is depicted in a variety of ways, he is most commonly depicted as a hooded figure draped in a long black cloak, holding a wicked-looking scythe on a tall pole. Sometimes he rides a pale horse, sometimes he glides through the scene almost as if he has no legs at all. The figure under the cloak has been variously described as follows:

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  • a pale face with barely perceptible features and pale white hands;

  • a skeleton with flames in its eye sockets and bony hands;

  • a dark being with no features at all.

Most often, Death claims his victims with his famous scythe, but in some versions of the legend, he can separate the soul from its flesh with just a touch of his cold hand.


Is the Reaper good or evil, or does he simply carry out his eternal task with neutrality towards all? In some versions of the legend, Death is the servant of Satan, who comes to seek only the damned from the eternal flames. In other versions, the Grim Reaper is a kind figure who comes to free people from their suffering. Sometimes Death is depicted as the “Eternal Judge” weighing a soul's good deeds against its bad ones, and condemning the soul accordingly.

On Grim Reaper Tattoos

Why have one?

With such an impressive connection to the afterlife, you may wonder why anyone would bother to have Grim Reaper tattoos at all, but that is precisely why the figure is so attractive to many tattoo enthusiasts. Although many of you prefer to put death out of your mind, others choose to embrace the idea of ​​their mortality. For them, Death is a figure to be respected, it is a figure that they believe they will eventually encounter.

For some people, their Grim Reaper tattoos remind them that life is too short, so it's best to live each day to the fullest before the clock stops.

Design ideas

There are so many ways to immortalize the “Great Mortalizer” in ink that it's almost impossible for imaginative tattoo artists to run out of ways to depict it. Here are some design suggestions.

  • Classic Death: This is the full Reaper, with black hooded robes and a steel scythe. Let him pose the way you want him to, he's bound to look great.

  • The Skull and the Scythe: Superimpose the image of the empty skull on the scythe.

  • The Skull on Fire: imagine a skull in a field of flames.

  • The Scythe and the soul: what would you say about the image of a transparent soul caught at the edge of Death's scythe?

  • The Pale Rider: This image could show the Reaper astride his deadly white horse.

  • The Hourglass: While not exactly the Reaper himself, the sight of sand flowing through an hourglass also served as a reminder that time is running out for all of us.

  • The Handmaiden of Death: Death need not take the form of the Bone Handmaiden. For a change, how about a sexy mermaid brandishing her sharp scythe?

The Reaper appeals to you?

If you believe the thousands of stories and anecdotes, the Grim Reaper is certainly a fascinating character. However, not everyone appreciates the figure or his profession. If you are thinking about getting a Grim Reaper tattoo of your own art on your body, you might want to consider how your may be received by the significant people in your life.

Although the decision to get a tattoo is usually a very personal one, this character can strike a nerve with family, friends and employers. It's up to you to decide whether that's a reason to get one or avoid one.

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