Winder for automatic watch: how it works and why it is essential

Winder for automatic watch: how it works and why it is essential

To keep your automatic watch functioning, you must wear it regularly. Indeed, it needs the swing of your wrist to be able to function. If you do not want your watch to go wrong while you are not wearing it, it would be ideal to put it in a specific case, called a winder. How does it work ? Why is it essential to use a automatic watch winder ? The answers.

Automatic watch winder: discover how it works

The winder is a box which is used to storing an automatic watch and keeping it running when you are not wearing it. Indeed, automatic watches have a fairly specific operation. They do not have batteries.

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Instead, this type of timepiece has springs that twist as you swing the wrist it sits on. The springs are gradually released to turn the gears and thus the hands of the watch dial.

As a result, if you don't wear your automatic watch for a while, the springs will release completely and the hands will no longer turn. It is to avoid this situation that it is useful to equip yourself with a automatic watch winder.

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This case is equipped with a mechanism reproducing the movement of a human wrist. This allows the watch to maintain its functionality, even if you do not wear it for a long time.

Why is it essential to have an automatic watch winder?

The winder is essential if you do not want your watch to malfunction during the period when it is not worn. In the majority of cases, automatic watches can maintain their operation for one or two days. After their power reserve is exhausted, they risk stopping.

By storing them in a winder, they will still work thanks to pieces that imitate the movements of your wrist. You no longer have to set your watch when you want to wear it.

Furthermore, the winder is useful to maintain the mechanism of your watch. In fact, it risks deteriorating if it stops for a long time. Finally, the winder used to store your automatic watch. It protects it against scratches, dust, humidity and other attacks. The watch winder maintains the design of your watch and extends its life.

The essential criteria to take into account when choosing a watch winder

It seems difficult for you to choose your automatic watch winder ? Here are the essential points to take into account:

  • Storage capacity, which depends on the number and size of your watches. Some models can only accommodate one watch. Others may contain many;
  • The manufacturing material: the winder can be made of leather, wood, steel or others. Make your choice according to your interior decoration style and also your preferences;
  • Power modewhich can be by cable or with batteries;
  • The brand: there are many manufacturers of watch winders. Some of them are known for the quality of their products.

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